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3 min readFeb 28, 2018


Hackathons are incredible spaces. They let people of all levels explore technology, learn new skills, and create amazing projects in just one weekend. But for someone who has never been to a hackathon, simply attending one can be overwhelming. Experienced hackers seem to be out and about — running to workshops, talking to sponsors, and forming teams with an idea already in mind — leaving a first-time hacker lost as where to start.

Why does bringing beginners into hackathons matter for tech?

Thanks to technology’s dynamic nature, problems in every field, from public health to music, are being solved with a tech-oriented mindset. People whose experience doesn’t lie directly in the path of technology are starting to pursue a technical background that will enable them to combine technology and their primary interests. Beginners are the perfect people to pioneer the blending of their own background with technology, and a hackathon is the perfect space to start.

When someone with a passion for an idea is equipped with the skills to bring that idea to life, the results are amazing!

What can we do about this?/How do we make this happen?

At Bitcamp, we want to make sure each hacker gets the chance to unleash their full potential and pursue their passions, even if they’ve never even written a line of code. That’s why we created the Scout Trail. The Scout Trail is designed to introduce first-time hackers to hackathons and the tech world. There will be specially marked “Scout Trail” events, including introductory coding workshops and sessions to guide beginners through all the essentials of hackathon culture, like using Slack, or submitting your very first hack. Beginners can then immediately apply their newfound skills to a project and enter for the “Best Scout Hack” prize, which not only celebrates their final product, but also the skills they learned while creating it.

Why should you participate in Scout Trail?

The Scout Trail is for people who are new to the hackathon or tech scene, but are eager to learn more about it. By participating in the Scout Trail, you’ll get a kickstart to your first hackathon and meet awesome hackers, both beginners and veterans, that you’ll learn from and bond with even after the weekend is over. Beginners will also get a solid foundation in tech so they can continue learning after Bitcamp. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to tackle issues and create groundbreaking solutions in their classes, jobs, or even your next hackathon!

How can you take part?

To join the Scout Trail, make sure to first register for Bitcamp as soon as possible. After registering, keep an eye out for the confirmation email. You’ll get a chance during confirmation to choose which trail you’d like to join.

If you select Scout Trail, you’ll be free to jump around to workshops outside of the trail during Bitcamp. However, we’ll have Scout Trail workshops specially marked on our schedule, so you can get the most of your weekend.

Register for Bitcamp now at and get ready to mark your trail!




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